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    'A far greater game' : sport and the Anglo-Boer War [1]
    Die gebruik van sielkundige intervensies onder junior tennisspelers [1]
    Geskiedenis van die US-dameshokkieklub : 1903-1992 [1]
    A history of koshuisrugby at Stellenbosch [1]
    The impact of an intervention programme on the decision making speed and accuracy, declarative knowledge, and selected visual skills of u/20 rugby players [1]
    The incidence and nature of cricket injuries amongst South African schoolboy cricketers [1]
    The influence of competition and cooperation on children's movement competence and self-esteem [1]
    The influence of proprioceptive training on the functional balance of older adults [1]
    An instrument to assess the fitness of field athletes with physical disabilities [1]
    An investigation into the nature of mental toughness in sport [1]
    Die invloed van 'n intervensieprogram op omkeerbare gesondheidsrisikofaktore by 'n geselekteerde groep adolessente dogters [1]
    The magnitude and duration of post exercise hypotension after land and water exercise [1]
    Methods of coaching to improve decision making in rugby [1]
    A model for psychophysiological regeneration of elite team athletes [1]
    A model for talent identification and development for team sports in South Africa [1]
    Monitoring stress and recovery among u/20 rugby union players over a training season [1]
    Morphological variables as possible risk factors for the drivers of rubber tyred gantry cranes at the port of Felixstowe, UK [1]
    Motor competence and goal setting in rugby [1]
    A motor skills development programme for 10 to 12 year-old children [1]
    Nature and proportion of total injuries at the Stellenbosch Rugby Football Club : a comparison of the years 1973-1975 with 2003-2005 [1]