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    Comparing male and female 10km runners with regards to both performance and training [1]
    Comparision of aquatic- and land-based plyometric training on power, speed and agility in adolescent rugby union players [1]
    A comparison of coping strategies of ethnically diverse football players [1]
    The development of a fall risk assessment and exercise intervention programme for geriatric subjects [1]
    The development of a personal training programme based on the principles of flow [1]
    The development of talent identification protocols for disability sport [1]
    The effect of a metronome-based coordination training programme on the fundamental gross motor skills of children with motor development delays [1]
    The effect of a movement programme on selected psychological variables among adolescent girls from previously disadvantaged communities [1]
    The effect of a perceptual-motor training programme on the coincident anticipation timing and batting performance of club cricket players [1]
    The effect of a physical wellness pathway on the chronic absenteeism of shift workers at an Eskom power station [1]
    The effect of a plyometric training programme on selected physical capacities of rugby players [1]
    The effect of barefoot training on speed, agility, power and balance in netball players [1]
    The effect of graduated compression socks on calf muscle oxygenation of endurance athletes [1]
    The effect of high intensity interval training and detraining on the health-related outcomes of young women [1]
    The effect of high intensity interval training on the post-exercise hypotensive response in overweight/obese young women [1]
    The effect of minimalist shoe training on lower limb kinematics and kinetics in experienced shod runners [1]
    The effect of minimalist shoe training on the neuromuscular control of recreational distance runners [1]
    The effect of plyometric training on the performance of cyclists [1]
    The effects of a movement competence programme on the functional capacity, self-perception and resilience of older adult women [1]
    The effects of a perceptual-motor development program on children with Developmental Coordination Disorder [1]