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    • A Composer in Africa Essays on the Life and Work of Stefans Grové 

      Muller, Stephanus; Walton, Chris (SUN PReSS, 2006)
      BOOK BLURB: Stefans Grové (*1922), regarded by many as Africa’s greatest living composer, possesses one of the most distinctive compositional voices of our time. He studied in Cape Town under Erik Chisholm before becoming ...

    • Gender and Sexuality in South African Music 

      Walton, Chris; Muller, Stephanus (SUN ePReSS, 2005)
      BOOK BLURB: For many years now, the manner in which gender and sexuality impinge upon musical creativity has been a focus of mainstream debate in Europe and the USA. This book, based on the papers of a conference organized ...

    • MUSIC AND IDENTITY: Transformation and Negotiation 

      Akrofi, Eric; Smit, Maria; Thorsén, Stig-Magnus (AFRICAN SUN MeDIA, 2007)
      BOOK BLURB: Significant political and social changes worldwide have affected music life and the role of music in society. A group of scholars from Nordic countries and from Southern Africa became interested in analysing ...

    • Performing the aporias of the archive : towards a future for South African music archives 

      Lambrechts, Lizabe (Historical Association of South Africa, 2016)
      National memory is continuously contested in South Africa and archives and museums are often called upon to store objects or material remnants of similarly contested pasts or histories. In addition, these institutions may ...

    • Song in Gold Pavilions: Ronald Stevenson on Music 

      Walton, Chris (SUN MeDIA, 2009)
      There is an undeniable fascination in reading the words that composers write. Whenever a composer puts finger to typewriter rather than pencil to manuscript paper, we inevitably hope that he might proffer us some insights ...

    • Unsung: South African Jazz Musicians under Apartheid 

      Devroop, Chatradari; Walton, Chris (SUN PReSS, 2007)
      BOOK BLURB: South African jazz under apartheid has in recent years been the subject of numerous studies. The main focus, however, has hitherto been on the musicians who went into exile. Here, for the first time, those ...