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  • Minimization of childhood maltreatment is common and consequential : results from a large, multinational sample using the childhood trauma questionnaire 

    MacDonald, Kai; Thomas, Michael L.; Sciolla, Andres F.; Schneider, Beacher; Pappas, Katherine; Bleijenberg, Gijs; Bohus, Martin; Bekh, Bradley; Carpente, Linda; Carr, Alan; Dannlowsk, Udo; Dorahy, Martin; Fahlke, Claudia; Finzi-Dottan, Ricky; Karu, Tobi; Gerdner, Arne; Glaesmer, Heide; Grab, Hans Jorgen; Heins, Marianne; Kenny, Dianna T.; Kim, Daeho; Knoop, Hans; Lobbestael, Jill; Lochner, Christine; Lauritzen, Grethe; Ravndal, Edle; Riggs, Shelley; Sar, Vedat; Schafer, Ingo; Schlosser, Nicole; Schwandt, Melanie L.; Stein, Murray B.; Subic-Wrana, Claudia; Vogel, Mark; Wingenfeld, Katja (Public Library of Science, 2016)
    Childhood maltreatment has diverse, lifelong impact on morbidity and mortality. The Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (CTQ) is one of the most commonly used scales to assess and quantify these experiences and their impact. ...

  • Addressing the intersection between alcohol consumption and antiretroviral treatment : needs assessment and design of interventions for primary healthcare workers, the Western Cape, South Africa 

    Schneider, M.; Chersich, M.; Temmerman, M.; Parry, C. D. (BioMed Central, 2016)
    Background: At the points where an infectious disease and risk factors for poor health intersect, while health problems may be compounded, there is also an opportunity to provid e health services. Where hum an ...

  • Assistive products and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 

    Tebbutt, Emma; Brodmann, Rebecca; Borg, Johan; MacLachlan, Malcolm; Khasnabis, Chapal; Horvath, Robert (BioMed Central, 2016)
    The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have placed great emphasis on the need for much greater social inclusion, and on making deliberate efforts to reach marginalized groups. People with disabilities are often marginalized ...

  • Urban and rural prevalence of diabetes and pre- diabetes and risk factors associated with diabetes in Tanzania and Uganda 

    Chiwanga, Faraja S.; Njelekel, Marina A.; Diamond, Megan B.; Bajunirwe, Francis; Guwatudde, David; Nankya-Mutyoba, Joan; Kalyesubula, Robert; Adebamowo, Clement; Ajayi, IkeOluwapo; Reid, Todd G.; Volmink, Jimmy; Laurence, Carien; Adami, Hans-Olov; Holmes, Michelle D.; Dalal, Shona (Taylor & Francis Open, 2016)
    Background : The increase in prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa underlines the importance of understanding its magnitude and causes in different population groups. We ...

  • Student experiences of participating in five collaborative blended learning courses in Africa and Asia : a survey 

    Atkin, Salla; Ya, Weirong; Meragi, Elnta; Mahomed, Hassan; Rosales- Klintz, Senia; Skinne, Donald; Zwarenstei, Merrick (Taylor & Francis Open, 2016)
    Background : As blended learning (BL; a combination of face-to-face and e-learning methods) becomes more commonplace, it is important to assess whether students find it useful for their studies. ARCADE HSSR and ARCADE ...

  • Towards establishing capacity for biological dosimetry at Ghana atomic energy commission 

    Achel, Daniel Gyingiri; Achoribo, Elom; Agbenyegah, Sandra; Adaboro, Rudolph M.; Donkor, Shadrack; Adu-Bobi, Nana A. K.; Agyekum, Akwasi A.; Akuamoa, Felicia; Tagoe, Samuel N.; Kyei, Kofi A.; Yarney, Joel; Serafin, Antonio; Akudugu, John M. (Medknow Publications, 1980)
    The aim of this study was not only to obtain basic technical prerequisites for the establishment of capacity of biological dosimetry at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) but also to stimulate interest in biological ...

  • Current knowledge and future research directions on fecal bacterial patterns and their association with asthma 

    Claassen-Weitz, Shantelle; Wiysonge, Charles S.; Machingaidze, Shingai; Thabane, Lehana; Horsnell, William G. C.; Zar, Heather J.; Nicol, Mark P.; Kaba, Mamadou (Frontiers Media, 2016)
    Asthma is a complex respiratory condition that involves interplay between genetic predisposition, environmental, and immunological factors (Edwards et al., 2012). It is considered to be one of the most common chronic ...

  • Simulation modelling as a decision support in developing a sterile insect-inherited sterility release strategy for Eldana saccharina (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) 

    Potgieter, Linke; Van Vuuren, Jan H.; Conlong, Des E. (Florida Entomological Society, 2016)
    A user-friendly simulation tool for determining the impact of the sterile insect technique/inherited sterility technique (SIT/IS) on populations of the African sugarcane stalk borer, Eldana saccharina Walker (Lepidoptera: ...

  • "'n Droewige laslap op die voos kombers van onreg" : 'n statistiese analise van konsentrasie-kampbewoners 

    Du Plessis, Sophia; Fourie, Johan (Suid-Afrikaanse Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns, 2016-12)
    Die konsentrasiekampe van die Anglo-Boereoorlog (1899-1902) wek steeds intense emosies op. Om dié rede is dit ook verstaanbaar dat 'n breë literatuur verskeie aspekte van die konsentrasiekampe en die lewe van die bewoners ...

  • System dynamics modelling of the power sector in Mauritius 

    Deenapanray, Prakash N. K.; Bassi, Andrea M. (De Gruyter Open, 2016)
    A system dynamics model has been developed for the power sector of Mauritius, which captures a range of complex interactions between the economic, social and environmental aspects of the national economy, with deeper ...

  • Moving towards integrated policy formulation and evaluation : the green economy model 

    Bassi, Andrea M. (De Gruyter Open, 2016)
    The mainstreaming of concepts related to the Green Economy, an action-oriented approach to reach sustainable development, has increased demands for integrated models that can shed light on the complex relations existing ...

  • Patient diagnostic rate as indicator of tuberculosis case detection, South Africa 

    Claassens, Mareli M.; Van Schalkwyk, Cari; Dunbar, Rory; Ayles, Helen; Beyers, Nulda (Centers for Disease Control and PreventionPublisher's version, 2016)
    To address the uncertainty of the indirectly measured tuberculosis case detection rate, we used survey data stratified by HIV status to calculate the patient diagnostic rate, a directly measurable indicator, in 8 communities ...

  • A century of trends in adult human height 

    NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC) (eLife Sciences Publications, 2016)
    Being taller is associated with enhanced longevity, and higher education and earnings. We reanalysed 1472 population-based studies, with measurement of height on more than 18.6 million participants to estimate mean height ...

  • An approach for setting evidence-based and stakeholder-informed research priorities in low- and middle-income countries 

    Rehfuess, Eva A.; Durao, Solange; Kyamanywa, Patrick; Meerpohl, Joerg J.; Young, Taryn; Rohwer, Anke (World Health Organization, 2016)
    To derive evidence-based and stakeholder-informed research priorities for implementation in African settings, the international research consortium Collaboration for Evidence-Based Healthcare and Public Health in Africa ...

  • The efficacy and safety of complete pericardial drainage by means of intrapericardial fibrinolysis for the prevention of complications of pericardial effusion : a systematic review protocol 

    Kakia, Aloysious; Wiysonge, Charles S.; Ochodo, Eleanor A.; Awotedu, Abolade A.; Ristic, Arsen D.; Mayosi, Bongani M. (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016)
    Introduction: Intrapericardial fibrinolysis has been proposed as a means of preventing complications of pericardial effusion such as cardiac tamponade, persistent and recurrent pericardial effusion, and pericardial ...

  • The effects of shifting tasks from pharmacy to non-pharmacy personnel for providing antiretroviral therapy to people living with HIV : a systematic review protocol 

    Mbeye, Nyanyiwe M.; Kredo, Tamara; Wiysonge, Charles S (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016)
    ntroduction: Shifting selected antiretroviral therapy (ART) tasks from specialised healthcare workers to those with shorter or less formal training has been implemented in resource-limited settings to alleviate critical ...

  • Epidemiology of major depressive disorder in South Africa (1997 – 2015): a systematic review protocol 

    Nglazi, Mweete D.; Joubert, Jane D.; Stein, Dan J.; Lund, Crick; Wiysonge, Charles S.; Vos, Theo; Pillay-van Wyk, Victoria; Roomaney, Rifqah A.; Muhwava, Lorrein S.; Bradshaw, Debbie (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016)
    Introduction: Major depressive disorder (MDD) is a leading cause of disease and disability globally and in South Africa. Epidemiological data for MDD are essential to estimate the overall disease burden in a country. ...

  • Achieving universal testing for malaria 

    Ochodo, Eleanor; Garner, Paul; Sinclair, David (BMJ Publishing Group, 2016)
    Rapid diagnostic tests have the potential to reduce the overtreatment of malaria by 95%, but time and extensive logistical, behavioural, and technical interventions may be required to achieve this.

  • Barriers to HIV and sexual and reproductive health care for female sex workers in Tete, Mozambique : results from a cross-sectional survey and focus group discussions 

    Lafort, Yves; Lessitala, Faustino; Candrinho, Balthazar; Greener, Letitia; Greener, Ross; Beksinska, Mags; Smit, Jenni A.; Chersich, Matthew; Delva, Wim (BioMed Central, 2016)
    Background: In the context of an operational research project in Tete, Mozambique, use of, and barriers to, HIV and sexual and reproductive health (HIV/SRH) commodities and services for female sex workers (FSWs) were assessed ...


    Gildenhuys, J. S. H . (SUN PRESS, 2004)
    BOOK BLURB: The philosophy of public administration covers all aspects of the process of public administration as an instument of serving the public. It does so by providing a complete framework for studying the subject ...


    Cloete, Fanie (SUN ePRESS, 2003)
    This report summarises the need for and potential applications of selected user-friendly, state-of-theart, electronic policy support tools to promote more successful strategic policy management in the public sector.

  • Research Ethics in Africa: A Resource for Research Ethics committees 

    Kruger, Mariana; Ndebele, Paul; Horn, Lyn (SUN MeDIA Stellenbosch, 2014)
    The aim of this book is to provide research ethics committee members with a resource that focuses on research ethics issues in Africa. The authors are currently active in various aspects of research ethics in Africa and ...

  • Local government finance: A Comparative Study 

    Brand, Dirk (SUN MeDIA Stellenbosch, 2016)
    INTRODUCTION: In a multi-sphere system of government, such as the constitutional system in South Africa which is characterised by cooperative government, effective financial intergovernmental relations are essential for ...


    Gildenhuys, J. S. H. (SUN PRESS, 2004)
    BOOK BLURB: Immoral, unethical conduct of politicians and public officials is a grobal scourge of the present day. The South African Government is leading the battle against corruption in the public sector, and it must ...

  • Case Studies of Emerging Farmers and Agribusinesses in South Africa 

    Mabaya, Edward; Tihanyi, Krisztina; Karaan, Mohammad; Van Rooyen, Johan (SUN PRESS, 2011)
    FOREWORD: Nearly two decades after the first democratic elections in South Africa, the agriculture and agribusiness landscape of the country are still under transformation. A new group of historically disadvantaged ...

  • Breaking the Mould: The Role of Scenarios in Shaping South Africa's Future 

    SEGAL, NICK (SUN PReSS, 2007)
    The story of South Africa's transiton in 1994 to a non-racial democracy has been told many times, principally from the perspective of the political forces for change. But many other factors were at work, over many years, ...

  • A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO STRATEGY: Making strategic thinking, development and implementation accessible 

    Havenga, Jan; Hobbs, Ilse (SUN PReSS, 2004)
    BOOK BLURB: How do we incorporate strategy in everything that we do? Can we make our lives and businesses more meaningful with a practical strategic approach? The authors of this book believe that it is not only possible, ...

  • Proceedings of the 13th annual conference of INEBRIA 

    Watson, Rod; Morris, James; Isitt, John; Barrio, Pablo; Ortega, Lluisa; Gual, Antoni; Conner, Kenneth; Stecker, Tracy; Maisto, Stephen; Paroz, Sophie; Graap, Caroline; Grazioli, Veronique S.; Daeppen, Jean-Bernard; Collins, Susan E.; Bertholet, Nicolas; McNeely, Jennifer; Kushnir, Vlad; Cunningham, John A.; Crombie, Iain K.; Cunningham, Kathryn B.; Irvine, Linda; Williams, Brian; Sniehotta, Falko F.; Norrie, John; Melson, Ambrose; Jones, Claire; Briggs, Andrew; Rice, Peter; Achison, Marcus; McKenzie, Andrew; Dimova, Elena; Slane, Peter W.; Grazioli, Véronique S.; Collins, Susan E.; Paroz, Sophie; Graap, Caroline; Daeppen, Jean-Bernard; Baggio, Stephanie; Dupuis, Marc; Studer, Joseph; Gmel, Gerhard; Magill, Molly; Grazioli, Veronique S.; Tait, Robert J.; Teoh, Lucinda; Kelty, Erin; Geelhoed, Elizabeth; Mountain, David; Hulse, Gary K.; Renko, Elina; Mitchell, Shannon G.; Lounsbury, David; Li, Zhi; Schwartz, Robert P.; Gryczynski, Jan; Kirk, Arethusa S.; Oros, Marla; Hosler, Colleen; Dusek, Kristi; Brown, Barry S.; Finnell, Deborah S.; Holloway, Aisha; Wu, Li-Tzy; Subramaniam, Geetha; Sharma, Gaurav; Wallhed Finn, Sara; Andreasson, Sven; Dvorak, Robert D.; Kramer, Matthew P.; Stevenson, Brittany L.; Sargent, Emily M.; Kilwein, Tess M.; Harris, Sion K.; Sherritt, Lon; Copelas, Sarah; Knight, John R.; Mdege, Noreen D.; McCambridge, Jim; Bischof, Gallus; Bischof, Anja; Freyer-Adam, Jennis; Rumpf, Hans-Juergen; Fitzgerald, Niamh; Scholin, Lisa; Toner, Paul; Böhnke, Jan R.; Veach, Laura J.; Currin, Olivia; Dongre, Leigh Z.; Miller, Preston R.; White, Elizabeth; Williams, Emily C.; Lapham, Gwen T.; Bobb, Jennifer J.; Rubinsky, Anna D.; Catz, Sheryl L.; Shortreed, Susan; Bensley, Kara M.; Bradley, Katharine A.; Milward, Joanna; Deluca, Paolo; Khadjesari, Zarnie; Watson, Rod; Fincham-Campbell, Stephanie; Drummond, Colin; Angus, Kathryn; Bauld, Linda; Baumann, Sophie; Haberecht, Katja; Schnuerer, Inga; Meyer, Christian; Rumpf, Hans-Jürgen; John, Ulrich; Gaertner, Beate; Barrault-Couchouron, Marion; Béracochea, Marion; Allafort, Vincent; Barthelemy, Valerie; Bonnefoi, Herve; Bussieres, Emmanuel; Garguil, Veronique; Auriacombe, Marc; Saint-Jacques, Marianne; Dorval, Michel; M’Bailara, Katia; Segura-Garcia, Lidia; Ibanez-Martinez, Nuria; Mendive-Arbeloa, Juan M.; Anoro-Perminger, Manel; Diaz-Gallego, Pako; Pinar-Mateos, M. Angeles; Colom-Farran, Joan; Deligianni, Marianthi; Yersin, Bertrand; Adam, Angeline; Weisner, Constance; Chi, Felicia; Lu, Wendy; Sterling, Stacy; Kraemer, Kevin L.; McGinnis, Kathleen A.; Fiellin, David A.; Skanderson, Melissa; Gordon, Adam J.; Robbins, Jonathan; Zickmund, Susan; Korthuis, P. T.; Edelman, E. J.; Hansen, Nathan B.; Cutter, Christopher J.; Dziura, James; Fiellin, Lynn E.; O’Connor, Patrick G.; Maisto, Stephen A.; Bedimo, Roger; Gilbert, Cynthia; Marconi, Vincent C.; Rimland, David; Rodriguez-Barradas, Maria; Simberkoff, Michael; Justice, Amy C.; Bryant, Kendall J.; Berman, Anne H.; Shorter, Gillian W.; Bray, Jeremy W.; Barbosa, Carolina; Johansson, Magnus; Hester, Reid; Campbell, William; Souza Formigoni, Maria L. O.; Andrade, Andre L. M.; Sartes, Laisa M. A.; Sundström, Christopher; Eék, Niels; Kraepelien, Martin; Kaldo, Viktor; Fahlke, Claudia; Hernandez, Lynn; Becker, Sara J.; Jones, Richard N.; Graves, Hannah R.; Spirito, Anthony; Diestelkamp, Silke; Wartberg, Lutz; Arnaud, Nicolas; Thomasius, Rainer; Gaume, Jacques; Grazioli, Veronique; Fortini, Cristiana; Malan, Zelra; Mash, Bob; Everett-Murphy, Katherine; Grazioli, Veronique S.; Studer, Joseph; Mohler-Kuo, M.; Bertholet, Nicolas; Gmel, Gerhard; Doi, Lawrence; Cheyne, Helen; Jepson, Ruth; Luna, Vanesa; Echeverria, Leticia; Morales, Silvia; Barroso, Teresa; Abreu, Angela; Aguiar, Cosma; Stewart, Duncan; Abreu, Angela; Brites, Riany M.; Jomar, Rafael; Marinho, Gerson; Parreira, Pedro; Seale, J. P.; Johnson, J. A.; Henry, Dena; Chalmers, Sharon; Payne, Freida; Tuck, Linda; Morris, Akula; Goncalves, Catia; Besser, Bettina; Casajuana, Cristina; Lopez-Pelayo, Hugo; Balcells, Maria M.; Teixido, Lidia; Miquel, Laia; Colom, Joan; Hepner, Kimberly A.; Hoggatt, Katherine. J.; Bogart, Andy; Paddock, Susan. M.; Hardoon, Sarah L.; Petersen, Irene; Hamilton, Fiona L.; Nazareth, Irwin; White, Ian R.; Marston, Louise; Wallace, Paul; Godfrey, Christine; Murray, Elizabeth; Sovinova, Hana; Csemy, Ladislav (Biomed Central, 2016-09)
    Meeting abstracts

  • Driving Side and Driving Side Change: An Overview of Costs, Benefits and Economic Implication 

    van der Westhuizen, Bruwer Lourens; van der Westhuizen, Bruwer Lourens (2016-11-21)

  • Validity of the Stellenbosch University on-road assessment 

    Swanepoel, Lizette; Classen, Sherrilene; Goliath, Charlyn (Occupational Therapy Association of South Africa, 2015-12)
    Background: Internationally, occupational therapists are the professional group called upon to assess fitness to drive. Fitness to drive is assessed through a comprehensive driving evaluation consisting of a clinical ...

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