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    p53 and p16/CDKN2 gene mutations in esophageal tumors from a high- incidence area in South Africa [1]
    Palliative treatment for HIV-related Kaposi's sarcoma [1]
    Paneth cell dysplasia in the stomach [1]
    Papillary eccrine adenoma. A tubulopapillary hidradenoma with eccrine differentiation [1]
    Papular urticaria: A histopathologic study of 30 patients [1]
    Papulonecrotic tuberculid in children: A report of eight patients [1]
    Parachute mitral valve and a large ventricular septal defect in an asymptomatic adult [1]
    Paraneoplastic bilateral proptosis in a case of non-small cell lung cancer [1]
    Parapneumonic pleural effusion and empyema [1]
    Patient discomfort during operative hysteroscopy [5] [1]
    Patient-controlled epidural analgesia versus continuous infusion for labour analgesia: A meta-analysis [1]
    Patients' motivations for participating in cardiovascular clinical trials: A local perspective [1]
    Pediatric meningitis in the Western Cape Province of South Africa [1]
    Pelvic inflammatory disease in Cape Town, South Africa [1]
    Penetrating cardiac injuries - Current evaluation and management of the stable patient [1]
    Penetrating civilian craniocerebral gunshot wounds: A protocol of delayed surgery [1]
    Penile fracture a review of management [1]
    Performance of the panleucogating protocol for CD4+ T cell enumeration in an HIV dedicated laboratory facility in Barbados [1]
    Pericardial rupture and cardiac herniation after blunt chest trauma [1]
    Peripheral vascular complications of cardiac catheterisation [1]