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    Magnetic resonance and computed tomography imaging of a grade IV papillary endolymphatic sac tumour [1]
    Major flares in women with SLE on combined oral contraception [1]
    Malnutrition in the developing world: The triple burden [1]
    Mammographic features of unilateral breastfeeding [1]
    Management of adult active tuberculosis disease in era of HIV pandemic, current practices and future perspectives [1]
    Management of advanced paediatric glaucoma [1]
    Management of cervical metastases in supraglottic cancer [1]
    Management of children with tuberculosis admitted to a pediatric intensive care unit [1]
    Management of chyle fistulization in association with neck dissection [1]
    Management of Kaposi's sarcoma in resource-limited settings in the era of HAART [1]
    Management of life-threatening haemoptysis in an area of high tuberculosis incidence [1]
    Management of neonatal jaundice by a midwife obstetric unit - Critical evaluation [1]
    Management of patients with early severe pre-eclampsia [1]
    Management of severe malnutrition [1]
    Management of the lymph nodes in penile cancer [1]
    Mapping sites of positive selection and amino acid diversification in the HIV genome: An alternative approach to vaccine design? [1]
    Mass needle stick injury in children from the western cape [1]
    Massive posterior fossa tuberculous abscess developing in a young child treated for miliary tuberculosis: Possible role of very rapid acetylation of isoniazid [1]
    Maternal and fetal single nucleotide polymorphisms in the epoxide hydrolase and gluthatione S-transferase P1 genes are not associated with pre-eclampsia in the Coloured population of the Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    Maternal factors contributing to asphyxia neonatorum [1]