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    Decreased hippocampal noradrenaline does not affect corticosterone release following electrical stimulation of CA1 pyramidal cells [1]
    Defective sperm decondensation: A cause for fertilization failure [1]
    Defects of blastogenesis: Counseling dilemmas in two families [1]
    Defining bioassay conditions to evaluate sperm/zona interaction: Inhibition of zona binding mediated by solubilized human zona pellucida [1]
    Degradation of vitamin B6 standard solutions [1]
    Delay and causes of delay in the diagnosis of childhood cancer in Africa [1]
    Delay phenomenon: Can it be explained on the basis of inflammation and repair? [11] [1]
    Delayed pericardial effusion following stab wounds to the chest [1]
    Deletion mapping of 39 random isolated Y-chromosome DNA fragments [1]
    Delivery of patients with early onset, severe pre-eclampsia [1]
    Delivery of the extremely low-birth-weight vertex-presenting baby-caesarean section or the vaginal route? [1]
    Demyelinating disease of Schilder type in three young South African children: Dramatic response to corticosteroids [1]
    Dental abscesses as a cause of 'unexplained' recurrent fever in a 9-year-old boy. [1]
    Detection and subtyping of human herpesvirus-8 in renal transplant patients before and after remission of Kaposi's sarcoma [1]
    Detection of human herpes virus 8 DNA and sequence polymorphism in classical, epidemic, and iatrogenic Kaposi's sarcoma in South Africa [1]
    Detection of p53 gene mutations in oral squamous cell carcinomas of a black african population sample [1]
    Detection of Southern African human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtypes by polymerase chain reaction: Evaluation of different primer pairs and conditions [1]
    Detection of sperm antibodies on unwashed spermatozoa with the immunobead test: A comparison of results with the routine method and seminal plasma TAT titers and SCMC test [1]
    Determination of amino acids in rat muscle by gas chromatography [1]
    Determination of lactate concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid for rapid diagnosis early in bacterial meningitis [1]