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    Deurlopende assessering in die wiskunde-klaskamer [1]
    Developing a framework for an undergraduate haematology curriculum in a Faculty of Health Sciences [1]
    Developing proportional reasoning in mathematical literacy students [1]
    The development and testing of a computer aided instructional resource for the teaching of physical science [1]
    The development and validation of the Growing Disciples Inventory (GDI) as a curriculum-aligned self-assessment for Christian education [1]
    Development of a conceptual framework for the capacity enhancement of development workers in Botswana [1]
    The development of a training model for peer learning facilitators in adolescent reproductive health in Zambia [1]
    The development, implementation, validation and evaluation of a continuing professional development learning programme for nurses working in Saudi Arabia [1]
    Dialogue as facilitation strategy : infusing the classroom with a culture of human rights [1]
    The didactisation practices in primary school mathematics teachers through modelling [1]
    Empowering teachers to implement the life orientation learning area in the senior phase of the General Education and Training Band [1]
    Enabling environmental education in an environmental education centre : a narrative account of opportunities and constraints [1]
    Engaging the curriculum in visual communication design : a critical citizenship education perspective [1]
    Enhancing the quality of first-year Biology teaching at the University of Stellenbosch [1]
    Environment as life : the journey of an environmental educator [1]
    Environmental education and teacher development : engaging a dual curriculum challenge [1]
    Environmental education in Namibia : a case study of the biology teachers [1]
    Die erkenning van voorafleer as `n meganisme ter voorbereiding van ouer volwasse studente se sukses aan `n hoeronderwysinstelling [1]
    Evaluating facilitation and mentoring in a Management and Leadership Fundamentals programme (MLF) for registered nurses [1]
    An evaluation of a professional development programme in environmental education [1]