Intra-ocular concentration-time relationships of subconjunctivally administered gentamicin

Van Rooyen, M. M. B. ; Coetzee, J. F. ; Du Toit, D. F. ; Van Jaarsveld, P. P. (1991)

Van Rooyen, M. M. B., et al. 2017. Intra-ocular concentration-time relationships of subconjunctivally administered gentamicin. South African Medical Journal, 80:236-239

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Eighty-nine patients scheduled for cataract removal or lens implantation were divided randomly into three groups. Each received 5, 10 or 20 mg gentamicin subconjunctivally at times varying between 0,2 and 19 hours pre-operatively. At surgery a sample of aqueous humour was obtained and analysed for gentamicin concentration. The data for each group were subjected to non-linear regression analysis to fit an open one-compartment pharmacokinetic model with first-order kinetics. A statistically acceptable fit was obtained. The average values of the pharmacokinetic parameters obtained from the single doses were used to simulate multiple-dose kinetics. The average target intra-ocular gentamicin concentrations and dosage interval were specified in the computer program, which subsequently allowed calculation of the dose required. This allowed the construction of a simple linear nomogram that can be used to read off the dose needed for handling specific clinical situations.

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