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    Acid mine drainage in the Gauteng province of South Africa : a phenomenological study on the degree of alignment between stakeholders concerning a sustainable solution to acid mine drainage [1]
    Administrative support for community participation in the IDP : a case study of the Oostenberg Municipality [1]
    Adopting the Public Accounts Committee Model for financial oversight in South African municipalities - a case study of the Public Accounts Committee in the City of Cape Town [1]
    Adressing the impact of structural fragmentation on aspects of the management and conservation of cultural heritage [1]
    Alternative sources of finance for sustainable development in South Africa with specific reference to carbon trading [1]
    Analysing the efficacy of the Namibia's student financial assistance fund [1]
    An analysis into the implementation of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in Namibia : selected case studies [1]
    Analysis of ICT in the Strategic Modernisation Programme of the Paraguayan Supreme Court [1]
    Analysis of interventions in support of small tourism businesses in the Eden District Municipality [1]
    An analysis of organisational performance management in the City of Cape Town : from legislation to implementation [1]
    An analysis of public participation in the South African legislative sector [1]
    An analysis of the evolving military futures debate : explaining alternative military futures for the South African National Defence Force [1]
    An analysis of the perceptions of staff on performance appraisal : the case of the Department of Correctional Services [1]
    An analysis of the role of labour relations practitioners as change agents : a case study on the Department of Defence [1]
    An analysis of the sexual orientation discrimination framework in the public sector : the case of Stellenbosch Municipality [1]
    An analysis of the staff performance management system at the Gene Louw Traffic College [1]
    An analysis of waste minimisation initiatives in the City of Cape Town, South Africa [1]
    Animal traction and small-scale farming : a Stellenbosch case study [1]
    Anti-corruption strategies in the South African public sector : perspectives on the contributions of complexity thinking and ICTs [1]
    Applying corporate social responsibility principles to the church : a case study of the interface between the Indian Pentecostal/Charimatic Church in the Phoenix Community, Durban North (KwaZulu Natal) and social responsibility [1]