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    Natural resources and conflict in Sudan : addressing environmental issues in a post-conflict situation : the case of Afghanistan [1]
    The need for, and state of, energy-efficient homes in the United States [1]
    A needs assessment for a performance management training programme amongst commanders within the South African military health services [1]
    A NEPAD leadership development strategy : the SADC case [1]
    The new urbanism and new ruralism frameworks as potential tools for sustainable rural development in South Africa [1]
    A normative approach to organisational performance management (OPM) in municipalities [1]
    A normative framework for analysing the training needs of local government managers in implementing performance management systems [1]
    “Nothing about us, without us” : an assessment of public participation in the delivery of RDP houses in the Elias Motswaledi Local Municipality [1]
    n Ontleding van direkte Kleurlingverteenwoordiging op die munisipale vlak in Suid-Afrika tot 1971 [1]
    Organic farming : the way forward for sustainable agriculture in the Western Cape Province [1]
    Organisasie-innovasie vir omgewingsbestuur [1]
    Organisational innovation : some emerging environmental governance models in South Africa [1]
    An output based evaluation of delivery of land reform in South Africa over the period 1994 - 2010 [1]
    Overcoming energy constraints on future development in Stellenbosch through energy efficiency : retrofitting of solar hot water heaters and gas stoves in middle and high income households in the residential sector [1]
    Participatory budgeting in the South African local government context : the case of the Mantsopa local municipality, Free State Province [1]
    Perceptions and expectations of regional office health employees regarding quality of internal head office services [1]
    Performance management in practice : a study of the public sector and a specific educational facility [1]
    Personal scorecards : a performance management model for aligning personal goals and objectives to organisational strategy within the Cape Town Fire and Emergency Service [1]
    The potential of internal audit to enhance public supply chain management outcomes [1]
    The potential of sustainable agricultural practices to enhance soil carbon sequestration and improve soil quality [1]