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    Investigating the potential role of corporate social responsibility (CSR), in management of HIV/AIDS at work place : a case study of garment industries in Thetsane Maseru [1]
    Investigating the viability of rural housing finance as a vehicle for the creation of sustainable human settlement in Moletlane village – Lepelle Nkumpi municipality [1]
    An investigation into organisational development and project and programme management as approaches for integrated and improved service delivery in the SAPS [1]
    An investigation into the challenges of transdisciplinary R&D : values, culture and the case of the BIOSSAM project [1]
    An investigation into the effectiveness of corporate sustainability programmes and initiatives in the agricultural sector : the case of British American Tobacco Zimbabwe [1]
    An investigation into the worldview of a selected group of Norwegian Army Cadets from a complexity and leadership perspective [1]
    An investigation of natuurboerdery (natural farming) approach : a ZZ2 case study [1]
    Job evaluation in the provincial government of the Western Cape [1]
    Just facilitation : facilitating sustainable social change in contexts of injustice [1]
    Leadership and democratisation : the case of Nelson Mandela in South Africa and Kim Dae-Jung in South Korea [1]
    The learning organisation and productivity : a case study of the Athlone detective service [1]
    Leveraging customer loyalty in the short term domestic insurance industry through a focus on product stewardship [1]
    The link between poor public participation and protest : the case of Khayelitsha [1]
    Listening to the stories of women in the South African rural water services sector to understand how their traditional roles intersect with government gender mainstreaming initiatives [1]
    Local economic development, industrial policy and sustainable development in South Africa : a critical reflection on three new policy frameworks [1]
    Lower external input farming methods as a more sustainable-solution for small-scale farmers [1]
    Management capacity-building in the South African Police service at station level. [1]
    Managing diversity in the amalgamated City of Tygerberg : an evaluation [1]
    Material flow analysis of wood fuel in small urban areas : the case of Tsumeb Namibia [1]
    The Mayor's listening campaign in the integrated development planning process : a case study of the city of Cape Town [1]