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    A curriculum for community development in practical theology [1]
    Decentralisation for community development - a Rwanda Case study [1]
    Decoupling : natural resource use and environmental impacts from economic growth [1]
    Decoupling infrastructure services from unsustainable resource use : cases from Cape Town [1]
    Delft SAPS as an instrument for community development [1]
    Demand-driven programme provisioning at a public FET College in the Western Cape : case study of the West Coast FET College [1]
    Description of three environmental co-management systems in the Western Cape [1]
    A description of whether the objectives of the performance management system of the Botswana Department of Tribal Administration are being realised [1]
    A descriptive analysis of the perception and attitude of staff on employment equity in the City of Cape Town Health Directorate [1]
    Design for sustainable communities : an integral perspective [1]
    The design, implementation and assessing of an agroecological cropping system by rural KwaZulu-Natal households : its effect on their diet and food security [1]
    Developing a coaching model as an approach to improve service delivery in the public sector [1]
    Developing a model to improve service delivery regarding the monitoring of policing conduct [1]
    Developing a performance measurement system for policing : South African Police Service [1]
    Developing a scorecard for sustainable transport : a Cape Town application [1]
    Developing a sourcing strategy in the South African Police Service Garages [1]
    Developing a sustainability benchmarking system : a case study of the provincial government Western Cape’s immovable asset assessment pilot project [1]
    Developing an individual performance management instrument for Overberg District Municipality [1]
    The development of a risk management model supporting corporate governance in the City of Cape Town [1]
    Development of military leadership : a proposed model for the South African National Defence Force [1]