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    A study for the development of a laser tracking system utilizing multilateration for high accuracy dimensional metrology [1]
    A subcritical and transcritical carbon dioxide refrigeration system utilizing multiple expansion devices [1]
    Suspension system optimisation to reduce whole body vibration exposure on an articulated dump truck [1]
    Sustainable cooling alternatives for buildings [1]
    Technical and economic evaluation of the utilisation of solar energy at South Africa's Sanae IV Base in Antarctica [1]
    Technical and economic evaluation of the utilisation of wind energy at the SANAE IV base in Antarctica [1]
    A technical and economical evaluation of RP technology for RTM tooling [1]
    Thermal and colour data fusion for people detection and tracking [1]
    Thermal charcteristics of a greenhouse for aquaculture [1]
    Thermal management and control of space satellite systems and subsystems in orbit [1]
    Thermal management of an axial flux permanent magnet machine considering heat pipes [1]
    Thermal performance evaluation of artificial protective coatings applied to steam surface condenser tubes [1]
    Thermo-economic analysis of a french fries processing plant at Lambert's Bay [1]
    Topology optimisation and simultaneous analysis and design : material penalisation and local stress constraints [1]
    Transient modelling of a loop thermosyphon : transient effects in single and two phase natural circulation thermosyphon loops suitable for the reactor cavity cooling of a pebble bed modular reactor [1]
    A user interface for a seven degree of freedom surgical robot [1]
    Utilising a high pressure, cross flow, stainless steel fintube heat exchanger for direct steam generation from recovered waste heat [1]
    The verification of seat effective amplitude transmissibility (SEAT) value as a reliable metric to evaluate dynamic seat comfort [1]
    Vibration excitation of axial compressor rotor blades [1]
    Wireless physiological monitoring system for psychiatric patients [1]