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    Rapid 3D measurement using digital video cameras [1]
    Reducing the total cost of ownership of mining haul trucks [1]
    Reflex sensors for telemedicine applications [1]
    Research into adventitious lung sound signals originating from pulmonary tuberculosis using electronic auscultation [1]
    Robocup small size league : active ball handling system [1]
    Screening for abnormal heart sounds and murmurs by implementing neural networks [1]
    Seakeeping control of HYSUCATs [1]
    Second order analyses methods for stirling engine design [1]
    Simulation and control implications of a high-temperature modular reactor (HTMR) cogeneration plant [1]
    Simulation based calibration of turbo-charger boost control [1]
    Simulation of a syngas from coal production plant coupled to a high temperature nuclear reactor [1]
    The simulation of the flow of polymer melt in lomolding [1]
    Simultaneous measurement of air flow conditions and resultant blade and gearbox loading at large-scale cooling system fans [1]
    Solar assisted power generation (SAPG) : investigation of solar preheating of feedwater [1]
    Solar Tower Power Plant Performance Characteristics [1]
    The specification of a small commercial wind energy conversion system for the South African Antarctic Research Base SANAE IV [1]
    Stability and control characteristics of model helicopters [1]
    Steam flow distribution in air-cooled condenser for power plant application [1]
    Steam jet ejector cooling powered by low grade waste or solar heat [1]
    Structural design of a stent for a percutaneous aortic heart valve [1]