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    Machining of powder metal titanium [1]
    Material models for rail pads [1]
    A MEMS based valveless micropump for biomedical applications [1]
    Modeling and verification of valve train dynamics in engines [1]
    Modeling of internal combustion engine thermodynamics, valve dynamics and valve flow [1]
    The modelling and control of an automotive drivetrain [1]
    Modelling and design of a novel air-spring for a suspension seat [1]
    Modelling of a passive reactor cavity cooling system (RCCS) for a nuclear reactor core subject to environmental changes and the optimisation of the RCCS radiation heat shield heat shield [1]
    Modelling of dragline dynamics [1]
    Modelling of internal combustion engine intake and exhaust processes [1]
    Modelling of MEMS vibratory gyroscopes utilizing phase detection [1]
    Modelling the effect of condensation and evaporation of water on the transient temperatures inside the exhaust system of an IC engine during a cold start [1]
    A needle positioning system for percutaneous procedures [1]
    Non-invasive artificial pulse oximetry : development & testing [1]
    A numerical analysis of the flow field surrounding a solar chimney power plant [1]
    Numerical design optimisation for the Karoo Array Telescope [1]
    A numerical investigation into the heave, sway and roll motions of typical ship like hull sections using RANS numerical methods [1]
    A numerical investigation of air-cooled steam condenser performance under windy conditions [1]
    Numerical investigation of fan performance in a forced draft air-cooled steam condenser [1]
    Numerical modeling and experimental investigation of the flow and thermal processes in a motor car vehicle underhood [1]