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    Grey water reclamation utilising solar thermal energy [1]
    Helicopter tail boom vibration analysis and suppression [1]
    A heliostat field control system [1]
    High accuracy numerical model of the SALT mirror support truss [1]
    The Hybrid Pressurized Air Receiver (HPAR) for combined cycle solar thermal power plants [1]
    A hydraulic wave energy converter [1]
    Identifying the optimum storage capacity for a 100-MWe concentrating solar power plant in South Africa [1]
    Impact response of a continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic from a soft bodied projectile [1]
    Indirect measurement of reactor fuel temperature [1]
    Influence of geometric and environmental parameters on air-cooled steam condenser performance [1]
    The influence of geometry on dragline bucket filling performance [1]
    Inlet manifold tests and performance evaluation of dephlegmators in air-cooled steam condensers [1]
    Inside-pipe heat transfer coefficient characterisation of a one third height scale model of a natural circulation loop suitable for a reactor cavity cooling system of the Pebble Bed Modular Reactor [1]
    Introductory investigation of the Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube as a particle separation device for the PBMR [1]
    Investigating the influence of fabrication parameters on the diameter and mechanical properties of polysulfone ultrafiltration hollow-fibre membranes [1]
    Investigation into road rumble in a light utility vehicle [1]
    Investigation of performance enhancing devices for the rain zones of wet-cooling towers [1]
    Investigation of the functioning of a liquefied-gas micro-satellite propulsion system [1]
    Die invloed van versteurde inlaatvloeipatrone op aksiaalwaaiers [1]
    A liquefied gas thruster for a micro satellite [1]