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    A de-coupled level controller for cascaded flotation processes [1]
    Design of a centrifugal compressor impeller for micro gas turbine application [1]
    Design of a hexapod mount for a radio telescope [1]
    The design of a hydrofoil system for sailing catamarans [1]
    The design of a low-noise rotor-only axial flow fan series [1]
    Design of a pump-as-turbine microhydro system for an abalone farm [1]
    The design of a refrigerated semi-trailer using advanced composites [1]
    The design of a single rotor axial flow fan for a cooling tower application [1]
    Design of an impedance guided intra-arterial catheter [1]
    Design of medium pressure nozzles for cooling towers [1]
    Design of tissue leaflets for a percutaneous aortic valve [1]
    A design programme for dilute phase pneumatic conveyors [1]
    Design, development and testing of a 2-DOF articulated dump truck suspension seat [1]
    The design, development and vibration analysis of a high-speed aerostatic bearing [1]
    Design, implementation & analysis of a low-cost, portable, medical measurement system through computer vision [1]
    Determining femoral component goodness-of-fit using computer segmentation and numerical simulation [1]
    Development and validation of a numerical model for an inflatable paper dunnage bag using finite element methods [1]
    The development and verification of a centrifugal compressor test bench [1]
    Development aspects of a high temperature heat pipe heat exchanger for high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor systems [1]
    The development of a device for the investigation of dorsiflexion range of the ankle with a capacity to measure pathology, recovery and pharmacological benefit [1]