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    Aerodynamic optimisation of a small-scale wind turbine blade for low windspeed conditions [1]
    Air turbine design study for a wave energy conversion system [1]
    Analysis of evaporative coolers and condensers [1]
    Analytical and a numerical ground resonance analysis of a conventionally articulated main rotor helicopter [1]
    Analytical modelling and optimization of a thermal convective microfluidic gyroscope [1]
    Application of commingled thermoplastic composites on an airline seat backrest [1]
    Application of laser doppler vibrocardiography for human heart auscultation [1]
    Application of turbochargers in spark ignition passenger vehicles [1]
    Aspects of waste heat recovery and utilisation (WHR&U) in pebble bed modular reactor (PBMR) technology [1]
    Autonomous auscultation of the human heart [1]
    Benchmarking full-body inertial motion capture for clinical gait analysis [1]
    Blade row and blockage modelling in an axial compressor throughflow code [1]
    The calculation of fluid flow through a torque converter turbine at stall [1]
    The calibration of material properties for use in discrete element models [1]
    CFD investigation of flow in and around a natural draft cooling tower [1]
    CFD investigation of the atmospheric boundary layer under different thermal stability conditions [1]
    The CFD simulation of an axial flow fan [1]
    Characterisation of a solar roof tile (SunSlates™) : with focus on local applicability and conditions [1]
    Comparative evaluation of a hydrofoil-assisted trimaran [1]
    A comparative evaluation of non-linear time series analysis and singular spectrum analysis for the modelling of air pollution [1]