Escherichia coli serotypes associated with urinary tract infections in the Western Cape

Brede H.D. ; Coldrey N.A. ; Coates J.K. ; Finlayson M.H. (1974)


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Examination of 3,261 specimens of urine from patients with urinary tract infections led to the isolation of E. coli types from 933 samples (28.6%). Serological typing revealed 222 isolates (23.8%) as urinary or as enteropathogenic serotypes. The rest were untypable. The following urinary types were identified: O 1, O 2, O 4, O 5, O 6, O 7, O 9, O 11, O 18, O 39, O 75, the commonest being O 6, O 4, and O 75. Enteropathogenic types were O 26-B6, O 55-B5, O 86-B7, O 111-B4, O 112-B11, O 119-B14, O 124-B17, O 125-B15, O 126-B16, O 127-B8, O 128-B12, and O 142-B. Types O 112 and O 111 were the most prevalent. The 1973 pattern of urinary E. coli infections in the Western Cape differs from that found in other parts of the world. Type O 6 is most prevalent, followed by O 4, and O 75. The last is the most common type north of the equator. Other types were far less frequent. Crossreactivity between 14 V. cholerae strains and E. coli O 39 antiserum was proved, suggesting similarities between the enterotoxins of V. cholerae and pathogenic E. coli strains.

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