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    The application of 3D Printing in reconstructive surgery [1]
    The application of necessary but not sufficient principles to the implementation of product lifecycle management software [1]
    The application of the cross-entropy method for multi-objective optimisation to combinatorial problems [1]
    The application of the six sigma quality concept to improve process performance in a continuous processing plant [1]
    Applying patient-admission predictive algorithms in the South African healthcare system [1]
    Assessing the innovation capability of a research institution [1]
    An assessment of telemedicine services within the Western Cape public health care system [1]
    ATM cash management for a South African retail bank [1]
    Attributes and multi-criteria decision analysis in machine selection for process chains [1]
    Automating a labour performance measurement and risk assessment: an evaluation of methods for a computer vision based system [1]
    Benchmarking in the South African tool and die manufacturing industry [1]
    Bridging the gap between strategic control and performance measurement : a systems approach [1]
    A business model development strategy to expand into the bottom of the pyramid population [1]
    Business process modelling using model checking and the theory of constraints [1]
    Call centre design, operation and optimisation : a structured and scientific based approach [1]
    Capitalising on South Africa's innovation resource through entrepreneurship in the creative industries [1]
    A case study in project management [1]
    Check weighing in table grape punnet packing: Opportunities in the development of operational effectiveness [1]
    A comparative study on the value of accounting for possible relationships between decision variables when solving multi-objective problems [1]
    Comparing airport apron layout designs using computer simulation and the cross-entropy method [1]