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    Alignment of a functional innovation strategy [1]
    Business models for sustained eHealth implementation : lessons from two continents [1]
    Development and implementation of a telerobotic system with visual and haptic feedback : current progress [1]
    The development of a software development framework by combining traditional & agile methods to address modern challenges [1]
    The development of experimental machines in order to understand the demands of incremental sheet forming of titanium [1]
    Developments in wear maps as machining optimisation tools [1]
    E-manufacturing - the roadmap for South African manufacturers [1]
    An economic cost model for patient-specific intervertebral disc implants [1]
    Economic requirements analysis for table grape check weighing [1]
    Evaluation of communication systems for deep level mining monitoring applications [1]
    Evaluation of robot technologies for deep level mining applications [1]
    Evaluation of work piece temperature measurement techniques for milling of Ti6Al4V [1]
    Fighting change with change : a process for re-engineering an enterprise [1]
    Food system analysis : an assessment of food availability and accessibility [1]
    Investigating momentum on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange [1]
    The investigation and design of a focused high pressure cooling technique for the milling of Ti6Al4V [1]
    The micro milling of bipolar plate - a tool life model [1]
    Micromilling analysis [1]
    A nurse rostering algorithm for a district hospital in South Africa [1]
    Operations research in telemedicine [1]