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    A T-resonator technique for aperture plane admittance parameters of electrically short RF monopoles [1]
    A three-phase AC/AC matrix converter system [1]
    Towards a distributed real-time system for future satellite applications [1]
    Towards understanding and improving the safety of informal public transport in Sub-Saharan Africa : a real-time sensing and reporting system for minibus taxis [1]
    Tracking collar and infrastructure for leopard research [1]
    Transformerless series dip/sag compensation with a multilevel cascaded inverter [1]
    Transformerless series dip/sag compensation with ultracapacitors [1]
    Transient modelling of induction motors in a petrochemical plant using Matlab [1]
    The transputer virtual memory system [1]
    Tree-based Gaussian mixture models for speaker verification [1]
    Tune-all wideband planar filters for KAT-7 [1]
    A unified strategy for windup prevention in control systems with multiple saturating actuators [1]
    An unmanned aircraft system for maritime search and rescue [1]
    Unsupervised clustering of audio data for acoustic modelling in automatic speech recognition systems [1]
    Upgrading of a radar system to implement a firmware based pulse compressor [1]
    USB telephony interface device for speech recognition applications [1]
    Using ad hoc wireless networks to enable intelligent transport systems: the design and analysis of the TH(O)RP routing protocol [1]
    Using Micro-Doppler radar signals for human gait detection [1]
    Video camera design and implementation for telemedicine application [1]
    Visual servo control for a human-following robot [1]