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    Radiation tolerant implementation of a soft-core processor for space applications [1]
    Rapid single flux quantum very large scale integration [1]
    Real-time Software Hand Pose Recognition using Single View Depth Images [1]
    Reduction of the antenna coupling in a bi-static, FM-CW radar system [1]
    A reliable telemetry software design for a satellite system [1]
    A reproducible design and manufacturing process for SQUID magnetometers [1]
    A reusable signal processing architecture for satellite based communication systems [1]
    Reusable software defined radio platform for micro-satellites [1]
    RFI mitigation in radio astronomy [1]
    A roadmap towards NanoElectroMechanical systems [1]
    Robust multi-H2 output-feedback approach to aerial refuelling automation of large aircraft via linear matrix inequalities [1]
    Rotor design and performance evaluation of a PM-assisted reluctance synchronous traction machine [1]
    Rural e-mail system for the Sumbandila satellite [1]
    S-band monopulse radar receiver design and implementation [1]
    The safety and comfort of a patient during robot-based positioning for accurate radiotherapy [1]
    Satellite communications strategy selection for optimal LEO satellite communication [1]
    Satellite data transmission by means of a multi-channel system [1]
    The selection and single event upset testing of a DSP processor for a LEO satellite [1]
    Shunt active power filtering algorithms for unbalanced, non-linear loads [1]
    Shunt reactive compensation of voltage dips and unbalance [1]