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    Kinodynamic planning for a fixed-wing aircraft in dynamic, cluttered environments : a local planning method using implicitly-defined motion primitives [1]
    Language identification using Gaussian mixture models [1]
    An LDPC error control strategy for low earth orbit satellite communication link applications [1]
    Linearisation of an FM-CW 94.5 GHz millimeter-wave radar [1]
    Low bit rate speech coding [1]
    A low cost, high precision star sensor [1]
    Low impedance characterisation and modeling of high power LDMOS devices [1]
    A low noise PLL-based frequency synthesiser for X-band radar [1]
    Low phase noise cylindrical cavity oscillator [1]
    Markerless augmented reality on ubiquitous mobile devices with integrated sensors [1]
    Mesh termination schemes for the finite element method in electromagnetics [1]
    Methods to extract maximum electrical energy from PV panels on the earth's surface [1]
    Metrology and modelling of high frequency probes [1]
    Micro-satellite data handling : a unified information model [1]
    Microwave frequency discriminators [1]
    Microwave heating of multiphase materials : modelling and measurement [1]
    Minimum congestion routing for a 17 GHz wireless ad hoc network [1]
    Mixed-potential integral equation technique for hybrid microstrip-slotline mutli-layered circuits with horizontal and vertical shielding walls [1]
    Model predictive control of AC-to-AC converter voltage regulator [1]
    Modelling and design of an eddy current coupling for slip-synchronous permanent magnet wind generators [1]