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    An economical do - it - yourself ground station for school pupils [1]
    An eCos based flight software for a nanosatellite [1]
    Effect of altitude on audible noise generated by AC conductor corona [1]
    The effect of mutual coupling on the noise performance of large antenna arrays [1]
    Efficient modelling of a wind turbine system for parameter estimation applications [1]
    Efficient numerical analysis of focal plane antennas for the SKA and the MeerKAT [1]
    Efficient registration of limited field of view ocular fundus imagery [1]
    Electrically small planar antenna for circular polarization [1]
    Electricity theft detection on a low voltage reticulation environment [1]
    An electro-optic measurement system for electric fields near RF and microwave radiators and scatterers [1]
    Electromagnetic modelling of a borehole radar environment with the finite difference time domain method [1]
    Electronic voltage regulator technology for rural electrification [1]
    Electronically adjustable bandpass filter [1]
    Elliptical applicator design through analysis, modelling and material property knowledge [1]
    An EMC framework for South Africa [1]
    Equivalence between in-house and conventional EM immunity test techniques [1]
    Establishing a process for the fabrication of high-quality HTc SQUIDs [1]
    Estimation of Synchronous Generator Parameters using Time-domain Responses [1]
    Evaluating the applications of spatial audio in telephony [1]
    Evaluation and development of conceptual document similarity metrics with content-based recommender applications [1]