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    Benefits to processor load for quadrature baseband versus radio frequency demodulation algorithms [1]
    Bidirectional converter for a stirling energy system [1]
    Bird song recognition with hidden Markov models [1]
    Bore sight error analysis in seeker antennas : a fully functional GUI interfaced ray tracing solution [1]
    A Bore-sight Motion Detection Algorithm for Satellite Attitude Control [1]
    A broadband microwave limiting amplifier [1]
    Cable trays and EMC : modelling and measurement [1]
    Calibration of UV-sensitive camera for corona detection [1]
    A CAN based distributed telemetry and telecommand network for a nanosatellite [1]
    Characterisation of L-band differential low noise amplifiers [1]
    Coaxial resonator filters [1]
    Comparative evaluation of video watermarking techniques in the uncompressed domain [1]
    A comparative study of cloud computing environments and the development of a framework for the automatic deployment of scaleable cloud based applications [1]
    The comparison of AC and DC alternatives for sub-transmission networks [1]
    A comparison of control systems for the flight transition of VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles [1]
    A comparison of Gaussian mixture variants with application to automatic phoneme recognition [1]
    Computational investigation of a crossed slot cavity-backed array antenna [1]
    The conceptual design and development of novel low cost sensors for measuring the relative light emission in the pre-millisecond stages of detonating explosive charges [1]
    The conceptualisation, design and implementation of a national research and education network [1]
    A constant power, load independent microwave source [1]