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    The experimental design and characterisation of Doherty power amplifiers [1]
    An experimental investigation into the validity of Leeson's equation for low phase noise oscillator design [1]
    Fabrication of high-temperature superconducting nanobridges using atomic force microscopy [1]
    The fabrication of PBCO buffered step-edge Josephson junctions [1]
    Face recognition using Hidden Markov Models [1]
    Facial Feature Reconstruction using Structure from Motion [1]
    Fast accurate diphone-based phoneme recognition [1]
    Fast analysis of a compound large reflector antenna [1]
    Fault tolerant adaptive control of an unmanned aerial vehicle [1]
    Fault tolerant flight control of a UAV with asymmetric damage to its primary lifting surface [1]
    Feasibility of the PowerPc 603ETM for a LEO satellite on-board computer [1]
    Feasibility of using an ARM processor in a micro satellite on-board computer [1]
    Feasibility study of a moon sensor for satellite attitude determination [1]
    Feature tracking and pattern registration [1]
    Feedback control of a shape memory alloy actuator for control surface deflection [1]
    Feedforward active noise reduction for aircraft headsets [1]
    Field implementation of a transient voltage measurement facility using HV current transformers [1]
    Finite element analysis of a wing type structure with experimental verification of results. [1]
    A finite element based optimisation tool for electrical machines [1]
    Finite element tearing and interconnecting for the electromagnetic vector wave equation in two dimensions [1]