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    The structural use of synthetic fibres : thickness design of concrete slabs on grade [1]
    A study of soil to geotextile filtration behaviour in conjunction with Berea sand in South Africa [1]
    Suitability of microwave application to heat reclaimed asphalt and crushed aggregates as an energy efficient method in the production of half warm mix [1]
    Surface run-off behaviour of bitumen emulsions used for the construction of seals [1]
    Thesis [1]
    The time-dependent cracking behaviour of strain hardening cement-based composite [1]
    Transverse transport of suspended sediment across the main channel – floodplain shear boundary [1]
    Trends in back-calculated stiffness of in-situ recycled and stabilised road pavement materials [1]
    A two-dimensional mathematical model investigation of the hydrodynamics and sediment transport of Saldanha Bay and Langebaan Lagoon [1]
    A two-dimensional numerical model for the investigation of the effects of dams on the Zambezi River Delta [1]
    Understanding pedestrian crossing behaviour : a case study in the Western Cape, South Africa [1]
    Unsteady flow conditions at dam bottom outlet works due to air entrainment during gate closure : Berg River dam model [1]
    Using synthetic fibres in concrete to control drying shrinkage cracking in concrete slabs-on-grade [1]
    Validation of computational fluid dynamics model of a simple pump sump with vertical intake [1]
    Verification of the inlet capacities of modified stormwater kerb inlets and the development of new design curves [1]
    Vibratory hammer compaction of bitumin stabilized materials [1]
    Vibratory hammer compaction of granular materials [1]
    Warm mix asphalt vs. hot mix asphalt : flexural stiffness and fatigue life evaluation [1]
    Water demand of selected residential properties with access to groundwater in serviced areas of the Cape Peninsula [1]
    Water quality information system for integrated water resource management [1]