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    Laboratory accelerated curing protocol for bitumen stabilized materials [1]
    Labyrinth weir hydraulics : validation of CFD modelling [1]
    Lateral support of axially loaded columns in portal frame structures provided by sheeting rails [1]
    The long term impact of the Seli One shipwreck on the Table Bay beaches [1]
    Longbeach Mall : traffic impact assessment [1]
    Material characterisation and response modelling of recycled concrete and masonry in pavements [1]
    Mathematical modelling of sediment transport dynamics in the Berg River considering current and future water resources development scenarios [1]
    Matrix manipulation to study ECC behaviour [1]
    Mechanical and structural characterisation of extrusion moulded SHCC [1]
    The mechanical and volumetric behaviour of sisal fibre reinforced concrete blocks [1]
    Mechanical behaviour and durability performance of concrete containing recycled concrete aggregate [1]
    Moment redistribution behaviour of SFRC members with varying fibre content [1]
    Morning peak period travel characteristics of a residential suburb in Cape Town during a school and holiday period : what lessons can we learn? [1]
    A multi-objective approach to incorporate indirect costs into optimisation models of waterborne sewer systems [1]
    Numerical evaluation (FEA) of end stop impact forces for a crane fitted with hydraulic buffers [1]
    The numerical simulation of wheel loads on an electric overhead travelling crane [1]
    Object – oriented Steel Member Design Framework [1]
    Object-oriented steel connection design framework [1]
    The occurrence and extent of collapse settlement in residual granite in the Stellenbosch area [1]
    Oorsake van padongelukke met verwysing na die R44 tussen Somerset-Wes en Klapmuts [1]