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    Factors influencing asphalt compactibility and its relation to asphalt rutting performance [1]
    A feasibility study of utilising shipping containers to address the housing backlog in South Africa [1]
    Finite element analysis of tubular track system [1]
    Flexibility and performance properties of bitumen stabilised materials [1]
    Flow around cylindrical towers : the stabalising role of vertical ribs [1]
    Hydraulic stability of multi-layered sand-filled geotextile tube breakwaters under wave attack [1]
    Hydrosalinity modelling of the Berg River using ACRUSalinity [1]
    Identifying trends and relationships between key performance indicators to aid municipal mangement and decision making [1]
    The impact of climate change on hydrological predictions, with specific reference to 24-hour rainfall intensities in the Western Cape [1]
    The impact of climate change effects on the planform of a headland-bay beach on the southern coast of South Africa [1]
    Impermeable recurve seawalls to reduce wave overtopping [1]
    Incipient motion of riprap on steep slopes [1]
    Increasing the utilisation of hybrid concrete construction in South Africa [1]
    The influence of climate change on short duration rainfall in the Western Cape [1]
    The influence of percentage replacement on the aggregate and concrete properties from commercially produced coarse recycled concrete aggregate [1]
    Integrity assessment procedure for buffer dune systems on the Cape South Coast, South Africa [1]
    Interfacial bond properties for ECC overlay systems [1]
    The Inverse Finite Element Method: Sensitivity to Measurement Setup [1]
    Investigating the tensile creep of steel fibre reinforced concrete [1]
    Investigation into a beam-column connection in precast concrete [1]