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    Configurations of a piled row breakwater for a protected shallow water marina [1]
    Construction in in-situ cast flat slabs using steel fibre reinforced concrete [1]
    Control of sediment diversion in run-of-river hydropower schemes [1]
    Creating a sustainable environment for infrastructure delivery [1]
    Creep and shrinkage prediction models for concrete water retaining structures in South Africa [1]
    A critical appraisal of existing models for nonlinear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete response [1]
    Critical normal traffic loading for flexure of bridges according to TMH7 [1]
    The cross-shore distribution of grain size in the longshore transport zone [1]
    Debonding of external CFRP plates from RC structures caused by cyclic loading effects [1]
    Decision making between hybrid and in-situ concrete construction in South Africa [1]
    Deflections of reinforced concrete flat slabs [1]
    Deriving peak factors for residential indoor water demand by means of a probability based end-use model [1]
    A description of information system technologies and implementations of project information management systems for use in the South African Government [1]
    Design and analysis of small scale wind turbine support structures [1]
    Developing a structured professional development program for engineering professionals within the public sector environment [1]
    Developing an alternative approach to mode choice modelling with the application of modelling Gautrain patronage [1]
    Development of a crane load software application for electric driven overhead travelling bridge cranes in accordance with SANS 10160-6:2010 [1]
    Development of a simple trixial test for characterising bitumen stabilised materials [1]
    Development of a standard test method for determining the Bitumen bond strength of emulsions : a South African perspective [1]
    Development of a sustainability index for South African dwellings incorporating green roofs, rainwater harvesting and greywater re-use [1]