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    2D Modelling of turbulant transport of cohesive sediments in shallow reservoirs [1]
    Accelerated testing of an asphalt pavement with the third-scale model mobile load simulator (MMLS3) [1]
    Algorithmic component and system reliability analysis of truss structures [1]
    Application of neural networks in pavement management [1]
    The application of the numerical wind wave model SWAN to a selected field case on the South African coast [1]
    An approach to multi-objective life cycle cost optimization of wind turbine tower structures [1]
    Assessing management processes of labour based construction works [1]
    An Assessment of Accommodation Strategies for Coastal Adaptation in Cape Town, South Africa, in Response to Climate Change [1]
    Assessment of seismic drift of structural walls designed according to SANS 10160 - Part 4 [1]
    Assessment of the behaviour factor for the seismic design of reinforced concrete structural walls according to SANS 10160 : part 4 [1]
    The behaviour of fibre reinforced concrete (SHCC) under biaxial compression and tension [1]
    The behaviour of strain-hardening cement composites under biaxial compression [1]
    Bend diversion to minimise sediment intake [1]
    Best practice of crane support structures design : an expert survey [1]
    CAD-supported preliminary column force calculations in multi-storey buildings [1]
    Calculation of the forces on a moored ship due to a passing container ship [1]
    The characterisation of South African sea storms [1]
    Characterization of cracks on ultra thin continuously reinforced concrete pavements [1]
    Characterizing long wave agitation in the port of Ngqura using a Boussinesq wave model [1]
    Comparative engineering costing and implications of commercial and smallholder irrigator design for projects [1]