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    • Concentrated solar power (CSP) innovation analysis in South Africa 

      Craig, Toyosi Onalapo; Brent, Alan C.; Dinter, Frank (Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering, 2017)
      South Africa aims to generate 42 per cent of its electricity from renewable energy technology sources by 2030. Concentrating solar power (CSP) is one of the major renewable energy technologies that have been prioritised ...

    • Guidelines for energy management in the South African wine industry 

      Brent, Alan; Silinga, Cebo; Sanetra, Nadia (Energy Research Centre, 2016-11)
      Pressure is mounting on the wine industry to consider energy management interventions to, inter alia, reduce energy consumption – to be more competitive, become more self-reliant, and to reduce the carbon footprint of the ...

    • Leapfrogging to renewable energy : the opportunity for unmet electricity markets 

      Batinge, Benjamin; Musango, Josephine Kaviti; Brent, Alan C. (Southern African Institute for Industrial Engineering, 2017)
      Electricity plays a crucial role in the socio-economic development of any country. Developing countries, however, unlike their developed counterparts, do not have electricity markets that are fully satisfied, nor are they ...

    • A roadmap framework for solar aided power generation in South Africa 

      Musango, Josephine K.; Brent, Alan C. (Energy Research Centre, 2015-11)
      Technology roadmaps are critical for decisions pertaining to technology development. They have been utilised in the renewable energy sector to assist in filtering alternative technology options in order to support energy ...