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    An adapted rehabilitation programme for a cross section of South African chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients [1]
    An analysis of tactical thinking in tennis [1]
    A comparison of coping strategies of ethnically diverse football players [1]
    The effect of a movement programme on selected psychological variables among adolescent girls from previously disadvantaged communities [1]
    The effects of participation in movement programs on the movement competence, self-esteem and resiliency of adolescent girls [1]
    The evaluation of an accreditation programme for quality improvement in private physiotherapy practice in South Africa [1]
    The evolution of major games [1]
    The impact of an intervention programme on the decision making speed and accuracy, declarative knowledge, and selected visual skills of u/20 rugby players [1]
    Die invloed van 'n intervensieprogram op omkeerbare gesondheidsrisikofaktore by 'n geselekteerde groep adolessente dogters [1]
    A model for psychophysiological regeneration of elite team athletes [1]
    A model for talent identification and development for team sports in South Africa [1]
    New insights into respiratory muscle function in an athletic population [1]
    Participation in competitive games and the development of cooperation among adolescent girls [1]
    Physical education and physical culture in the Coloured community of the Western Cape, 1837-1966 [1]
    The preparation of athletes with cerebral palsy for elite competition [1]
    A psycho-educational programme for cricket players using neuro-linguistic programming [1]
    Psychological effects of retirement on elite athletes [1]
    Spele en ontspanning uit die Voortrekkertydperk [1]
    Sprinting kinematics of athletes with selected physical disabilities [1]
    The value of graduated compression socks as a post-exercise recovery modality in long distance runners [1]