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    Qualitative research : method in the madness? [1]
    Quality assurance and learnerships : the evaluation of a quality assurance instrument for learnerships in the Serviceseta [1]
    Quality, service and ambience: measuring excellence and guest satisfaction within restaurants of Hermanus [1]
    Quantifying seasonal affective disorder in the South African capital market [1]
    Queueing simulation using Excel 2000 [1]
    Raising a crop of farmers [1]
    Rationale of the beehive model of organisational renewal for entrenching change and high performance [1]
    Rationalisation of electricity pricing in South Africa's electricity distribution industry [1]
    Rationalizing downsizing with long-term profitability : an empirical focus in South African context [1]
    Re-architecting Telkom's information technology data centres for business alignment and asset efficiency [1]
    Reaping the rewards of risk [1]
    Reformulation of an international strategy and the implementation thereof for a commercial business unit within the South African armament industry [1]
    Regional economic integration in Africa : the importance of regional economic communities [1]
    Regulation 28 of Pension Fund Act conforming to Shari'ah requirements [1]
    The regulation of Section 17 (2a) of the German Energy Economy Act against the background of current developments of the German and European offshore wind industry [1]
    The relationship between brand loyalty and brand choice within the emerging markets of South Africa [1]
    The relationship between FDI and competitiveness : a comparative study of two African countries, with special reference to the oil and gas industries [1]
    The relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and manufacturing exports and imports in South Africa [1]
    The relationship between futures prices and expected future spot prices : some South African evidence [1]
    The relationship between job satisfaction and work performance : a case study of the maintenance department of the University of Stellenbosch [1]