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    The macroeconomic impact of asset restrictions on pension funds [1]
    The magnitude and determinants of capital flight burden : a case study of Namibia, 1990 - 2005 [1]
    Mainstreaming corporate social investment : a sustainability model for donors and non-profit organisations reaching the bottom of the pyramid [1]
    Making cents of stability [1]
    Making human capital the differentiating factor [1]
    Making money : by learning or instinct? [1]
    Man of many talents [1]
    Man van vele talente [1]
    Managed care ethics : the legitimacy of fairness of rationing new health technologies in the treatment of cancer in the private health care sector in South Africa [1]
    The management consulting industry in South Africa : a strategic assessment [1]
    Management information systems : a proposal for an integrated system for a Ferroalloy production facility [1]
    Management muscle [1]
    The management of potable water supply in rural areas of Umhlathuze Municipality [1]
    Managerial data management applications utilising periodic data outputs from multiple legacy systems : a case within DaimlerChrysler AG [1]
    Managing change to enable the transfer and sharing of knowledge and best practices [1]
    Managing China's entry into the South African automotive industry [1]
    Managing corporate identity at the University of Stellenbosch [1]
    Managing diversity for a sustainable competitive advantage in the changing European business environment [1]
    Managing in the age of wisdom : where information and knowledge are impregnated with purpose and principles [1]
    Managing portfolio managers : the impacts of market concentration, cross-sectional return dispersion and restrictions on short sales [1]