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    Has inguquko (transformation) taken place? [1]
    The hedging effectiveness of futures contracts : comparison of the Mean Gini and Mean Variance frameworks [1]
    Herstrukturering van die Suid-Afrikaanse landbousektor : kan kontrakboerdery 'n rol speel? [1]
    Hiermee beloof ek... [1]
    A high performance work system : making human capital the differentiating factor [1]
    HIV and AIDS in the business sector with reference to Eskom [1]
    Housing in South Africa : the challenge to provide sustainable, integrated, affordable housing [1]
    How corporate social investment in social enterprises can contribute towards alleviating the housing crisis [1]
    How liquid and efficient are Botswana Bond Markets? [1]
    How South African banking sector facilitates South African foreign direct investment into Sub-Saharan Africa [1]
    How to incorporate the use of big data in a marketing strategy within South Africa to gain competitive advantage [1]
    How to overcome the gap between ISO 9000 : 2000 and total quality management - exemplified at a medium sized production company [1]
    How to protect your firm against rogue traders [1]
    How to utilise marketing opportunities in a highly regulated environment : the veterinary industry [1]
    How well did leading indicators forecast the South African house price deflation caused by the recent global sub-prime crisis [1]
    A human resource forecast model to support new plants in the oil and gas industry [1]
    I am a black woman living in South Africa : an autoethnography [1]
    ICT as an enabler for socio-economic development in South Africa [1]
    ICT convergence : impact on Namibian ICT operators [1]
    Idealised redesign : the South African Military Academy by the year 2030 [1]