• Savings culture for the black middle class in South Africa 

      Cronje, Mark; Roux, Andre (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch Business School, 2010)
    • Share repurchase and dividend payout behaviour : the South African experience 

      Wesson, N.; Bruwer, B. W.; Hamman, W. D. (AOSIS, 2015-09-30)
      Share repurchases, rather than dividend payments, are increasingly becoming the globally favoured payout method. This has prompted a renewed interest in the field, and raises questions about the actual motivation for share ...
    • Single manager hedge funds - aspects of classification and diversification 

      Bohlandt, Florian Martin (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2013-12)
      A persistent problem for hedge fund researchers presents itself in the form of inconsistent and diverse style classifications within and across database providers. For this paper, single-manager hedge funds from the Hedge ...
    • Sit die werk in netwerk 

      Smith, Cherice (2014-10)
      AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Sakeghoeroes meen dat om te netwerk ’n absolute noodsaaklikheid vir loopbaanblootstelling en sukses geword het. Maar hoe moet ’n mens te werke gaan om te netwerk? Hoe kan netwerke gebruik word vir ...
    • Sky-high ambition 

      Smith, Cherice (2013-10)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: Since a young age, USB MBA graduate Nombeko Mbava has looked at the bigger picture, seeing where and how she can contribute to the future. Now, working for the South African National Space Agency, she ...
    • Small enterprise development in South Africa : an exploration of the constraints and job creation potential 

      Mthimkhulu, Alfred Mbekezeli (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2015-04)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: This thesis, presented in six thematic chapters, investigates an approach for promoting the growth of small businesses in South Africa. Chapter 1 motivates the thesis by discussing the contested role of ...
    • So moet 'n mens leer! 

      Marais, Jana (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch Business School, 2008-02)
      Bestuurskole wêreldwyd bevraagteken die tradisionele benadering tot leer. JANA MARAIS het gaan uitvra oor ideale (dalk utopiese) maniere van leer oor leierskap.
    • Some culture shock therapy, please! 

      Mgayi, Bongani (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch Business School, 2010)
    • Some perspectives on planning for retirement 

      Krige, J. D. (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2013-04)
      This paper explores two themes related to the financial aspects of retirement – real-age adjusted life expectancy and the financial survival probability of living annuitants. The first theme focuses on the development ...
    • Sonsopkoms 

      Peyper, Liesl (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch Business School, 2007-08)
      In ’n era waar die gedrukte media se verkope wêreldwyd afneem, is daar in Suid-Afrika ’n dagblad wat die teendeel ervaar. LIESL PEYPER het gaan aanklop by Fergus Sampson, ’n alumnus van die USB wat agter Daily Sun se ...
    • The South African Society of Psychiatrists/Psychiatry Management Group management guidelines for adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder 

      Schoeman, Renata; Liebenberg, Rykie (AOSIS Publishing, 2017)
      Disclaimer: These guidelines do not aim to provide a comprehensive review of all the pertinent literature comprising the evidence base and, as such, should be utilised in conjunction with other guidelines as well as the ...
    • The state of water in South Africa - are we heading for a crisis? 

      Haldenwang, B. B. (Strategy Insight: Natural Environment, 2009-04)
      The state of water in South Africa has been the subject of widespread public discussions over the past couple of months. Questions asked include: Is SA heading for a water crisis? Does SA have sufficient freshwater resources ...
    • Steyn Heckroodt: strategiekenner, denkleier, leermeester 

      Smith, Cherice (2014-10)
      AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: Die USB MBA- en PhD-alumnus dr Steyn Heckroodt het ’n groot jaar agter die rug. Hy het in 2013 sy boek oor strategiese insigte bekendgestel en hy is as buitengewone senior lektor by die USB aangestel. ...
    • Steyn Heckroodt: strategy expert, thought leader, teacher 

      Smith, Cherice (2014-04)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: The USB MBA and PhD alumnus Dr Steyn Heckroodt had a big year in 2013. He launched his book on strategic insights and he was appointed as senior lecturer extraordinaire at USB. He also lectures at USB’s ...
    • A story of change 

      Smit, Eon (2014-04)
      ENGLISH ABSTRACT: PROF EON SMIT was director of USB from 1996 to 2010. USB acquired EQUIS and AMBA accreditation under his directorship.
    • Strategic options for the physiotherapy industry in the current context of private healthcare in South Africa 

      Rossouw, Tania (Stellenbosch : University of Stellenbosch Business School, 2007)
      South Africa's healthcare industry is at a crossroad as pressure in both the public and private sectors is increasing. Healthcare professionals must reconsider their position in the industry and adapt in this everchangin ...
    • The strategic value of authentic narrative in branded entertainment 

      Van Loggerenberg, Marthinus Johannes Coetzee (Stellenbosch : Stellenbosch University, 2017-12)
      ENGLISH SUMMARY : This study explored the strategic value of authentic narrative in branded entertainment. Authentic narrative gives form to narrative that is original, communicates the brand’s identity and purpose, and ...
    • Strategie-openbaarmakingstendense: 6 bedrywe, 1 jaar 

      Reyneke, Carine (2014-10)
      AFRIKAANSE OPSOMMING: ’n Studie wat by die Universiteit van Stellenbosch Bestuurskool onderneem is, het data van vorige studies gebruik om strategie-openbaarmakingstendense oor ses bedrywe te ontleed om te sien hoe dit ...
    • Strategies, practices and skills for competitiveness in the digital economy : a perspective on large companies in South Africa 

      Craffert, Leona; Ungerer, Marius; Visser, Kobus; Morrison, John; Claassen, Walter (2014-08)
      The competitiveness of companies in the digital economy is a business concern. Eighty two large South African companies participated in a study on strategies, practices and skills for competitiveness in the digital economy ...
    • Strategy disclosure trends : 6 industries, 1 year 

      Reyneke, Carine (2014-10)
      A study undertaken at the University of Stellenbosch Business School collated data from previous studies and used it to analyse strategy disclosure trends across six industries to see how these changed from 2010 to 2011.