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    The financial sustainability of South Africa's National Development Finance Institutions [1]
    The financing of power transmission interconnector projects : a case study of viable financial packaging utilising project finance principles for the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) [1]
    A focused, competitive strategy through innovation [1]
    A focussed approach towards safety in support of coal mining operations in the South African coal mining industry [1]
    Focussed growth : the development of a system to rank and prioritise new capital projects of mining companies [1]
    Follow the road to Eden [1]
    Footwork [1]
    Forecasting cyclical turning points in the South African economy using an index of leading indicators in conjunction with a probabilistic analytical approach [1]
    Forecasting economic growth from the capital and share markets : the South African case revisited [1]
    The foreign direct investment friendliness of Botswana and Tunisia : a comparative study of two of Africa's most competitive nations [1]
    Formulating and implementing a strategy for project management in the Eden District Municipality [1]
    A foundation to the development of an economic impact study of the tourism industry for GHACT [1]
    Fountainhead for peace [1]
    A framework for determining a business strategy of a small business [1]
    Framework for identifying areas in the operations division of Vodacom that could be outsourced [1]
    A framework for organisational project management at Sasol Technology [1]
    A framework for site-based service provision : a study of industrial automation solutions [1]
    A framework to proactively identify and remedy potential business and IT misalignment [1]
    Fresh, new take [1]
    From New York to New Bethesda (and other stops in between) [1]