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    Ekonomiese aspekte van pypleidingvervoer : 'n Suid-Afrikaanse perspektief [1]
    Enumerasie van self-ortogonale Latynse vierkante met simmetriese ortogonale maats [1]
    Extending freight flow modelling to Sub-Saharan Africa to inform infrastructure investments : trade data issues [1]
    Factors which influence the consumption of street foods and fast foods in South Africa-a national survey [1]
    Forecasting South African containers for international trade : a commodity-based approach [1]
    Identification of key target markets for intermodal freight transport solutions in South Africa [1]
    The importance of disaggregated freight flow forecasts to inform transport infrastructure investments [1]
    An investigation into the effectiveness of simulated annealing as a solution approach for the generator maintenance scheduling problem [1]
    Logistics costs in South Africa : the case for macroeconomic measurement [1]
    Logistieke aspekte van pypleidingvervoer in die voorsiening van petroleumprodukte [1]
    Logistieke bestuur : die oorsprong, konseptuele ontwikkeling en betekenis daarvan as ’n hedendaagse studiegebied [1]
    Macro-logistics trends : indications for a more sustainable economy [1]
    Modelling the effects of the sterile insect technique applied to Eldana saccharina Walker in sugarcane [1]
    Quantifying freight transport volumes in developing regions : lessons learnt from South Africa's experience during the 20th century [1]
    Rail renaissance based on strategic market segmentation principles [1]
    Revitalisation of branch lines in South Africa : a long-term view for sustainability [1]
    South Africa's domestic intermodal imperative [1]
    Sub-saharan Africa's rail freight transport system : potential impact of densification on cost [1]
    Sustainable freight transport in South Africa : domestic intermodal solutions [1]
    Trade facilitation through logistics performance :the enabling role of national government [1]