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    Academic staff perceptions and the identification of critical success factors in a merger of two academic institutions [1]
    An audit of online recruitment : a South African perspective [1]
    Barriers to, and policy opportunities for, the growth of renewable energy technologies in South Africa : rethinking the role of municipalities [1]
    'n Bedryfsielkundige ondersoek na die verband tussen akademici se werksomgewingspersepsies, werksbetrokkenheid en organisasieverbondenheid [1]
    'n Bedryfsielkundige ondersoek na die verband tussen emosionele intelligensie en werksprestasie in die oproepsentrum-omgewing [1]
    'n Beskrywend-diagnostiese ondersoek na die voorkoms van stres onder wingerdprodusente in die Wes- en Noordkaap [1]
    Biographical predictors of learnership performance in the South African fruit packing industry [1]
    A case study analysing the dropout rate of children who are heads of households at Mandela Village in Tshwane Municipality, Gauteng Province [1]
    A clarification of the use of multiple regression analysis in meeting the burden of proof in compensation discrimination litigation [1]
    A comprehensive psychometric audit of an existing selection procedure [1]
    Costing conflict : a multiple case study approach to quantifying conflict in the mining industry in South Africa [1]
    A critical evaluation of the dispute resolution functions of the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) [1]
    Cultural factors and implementation of ergonomics in developing countries : (an industrial psychological study of selected cultural factors with specific reference to the transfer of technology within the eastern Mpumalanga Province, one of nine provinces of South Africa) [1]
    Developing emotional intelligence for sustained student success [1]
    The development and empirical evaluation of a comprehensive leadership-unit performance structural model [1]
    The development and empirical evaluation of an affirmative development coaching competency questionnaire [1]
    The development and evaluation of a partial talent management competency model [1]
    The development and validation of a generic non-managerial performance measure [1]
    The development and validation of a partial competency model for branch managers in the clothing retail industry [1]
    Development emotional intelligence for increased work engagement, organisational commitment, and satisfaction with work life [1]