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    • Implementing efficient and effective learnerships in the construction industry 

      Mummenthey, Claudia; Du Preez, Ronel (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2010-03)
      Orientation: Overcoming skills deficits has been a major concern in South Africa since the advent of democracy in 1994. Research purpose: This study investigated the current state of the learnership system in the construction ...

    • Improvisational theatre as team development intervention for climate for work group innovation 

      Kirsten, Burgert; Du Preez, Ronel (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2010-03)
      Orientation: Changes in business environments have resulted in a need for the development of innovative teams. Improvisational theatre as a technique could contribute to the understanding of how individuals can work ...

    • An investigation into a peer module mentoring programme in economic and management sciences 

      Du Preez, Ronel; Steenkamp, Leon P.; Baard, Roelof S. (Clute Institute, 2013-10)
      All South African universities face the challenges of student success and retention - a challenge compounded by under-prepared students from diverse backgrounds. This article explores peer module mentoring as a possible ...

    • A sample survey of computer-based training with reference to success criteria and remedial procedures 

      Du Preez, Ronel; McElligott, D. (AOSIS Publishing, 2000-06)
      The aim of the study is to conduct an investigation into the status-quo of computer-based training (CBT) at one of the leading Life Assurance companies in South Africa. The investigation comprises the development of a ...

    • Store image : scale implementation. Part 3 

      Du Preez, Ronel; Visser, Elizabeth; Janse van Noordwyk, Hester (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2008-11)
      This paper is the final in the three-part series regarding store image. The purposes of this article are to (1) implement the developed scale to assess whether it illustrates acceptable psychometric properties of reliability ...

    • Store image : toward a conceptual model. Part 1 

      Du Preez, Ronel; Visser, Elizabeth; Janse van Noordwyk, Hester (AOSIS OpenJournals, 2008-11)
      The lack of a universal definition and conceptual model of store image guided the aims for this research, namely to 1) delineate the underlying structure of the store image construct; 2) formulate a definition of store ...