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    Advanced supply chain planning processes and decision support systems for large-scale petrochemical companies [1]
    Algoritmes vir die maksimering van konvekse en verwante knapsakprobleme [1]
    An analysis of temperature breaks in the summer fruit export cold chain from pack house to vessel [1]
    Analysis of the efficiency of the transport logistics supply chain with specific reference to liner shipping in South Africa [1]
    The assessment of improvements made in the freight logistics costing methodology in South Africa from a macroeconomic perspective [1]
    Die beraming van verhoogde streeksinkome wat uit ekonomies geregverdigde padbouprojekte spruit [1]
    Calculation of freight externality costs for South Africa [1]
    Competitive strategies for firms in the global digital economy [1]
    Concave knapsack problems: Dataset A [1]
    Container terminal spatial planning : a 2041 paradigm for the Western Cape Province in South Africa [1]
    Decision support for generator maintenance scheduling in the energy sector [1]
    A decision support system for scheduling the harvesting and wine making processes at a winery [1]
    Decision support with respect to facility location and fleet composition for FoodBank Cape Town [1]
    A description of maritime safety in South Africa [1]
    The development and application of a freight transport flow model for South Africa [1]
    The development of a freight flow segmentation methodology to inform rail reform : a South African case study [1]
    Die wiskundige grondslag van die bedryfslogistiek as studiegebied [1]
    Dominant factors which influence wheat production in South Africa [1]
    Ekonomiese aspekte van pypleidingvervoer : 'n Suid-Afrikaanse perspektief [1]
    Ensuring sufficient capacity of logistical infrastructure for future growth [1]