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  • Hydatid cyst of the pancreatic tail. A case report 

    Du Toit D.F.; Loxton A.J.; Laker L.; Dreyer J.F. (1984)
    A case of calcified hydatid cyst of the pancreatic tail is presented. The ultrasonographic and computed tomographic features of the lesion suggested the presence of a cystadenoma or a calcified hydatid cyst. Computed ...

  • Primary echinococcus granulosus of the heart 

    Barnard P.M.; Macgregor L.A.; Weich H.F.H. (1989)
    A young male commercial pilot, completely asymptomatic of heart disease, was found to have an abnormal ECG on routine examination. This consisted of a bifascicular block (left anterior hemiblock plus a complete right ...