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  • A review of 367 triplet pregnancies 

    Deale C.J.C.; Cronje H.S. (1984)
    Questionnaires were sent to 452 hospitals in the RSA and SWA/Namibia requesting information on triplet pregnancies over a 10-year period. Information on 367 sets of triplets from 150 hospitals was adequate for analysis. ...

  • Cross-sectional study of uranium mine workers to develop predictive equations for lung functions with reference to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 

    De Kock, M. A.; Swiegers, W. R. S.; V.Kotze, T. J. W. T. J.; Joubert, G.; De Kock, M. A.; Swiegers, W. R. S.; V.Kotze, T. J. W. T. J.; Joubert, G. (1988)
    As the first part of a prospective epidemiological study of the lung function and dust exposure of workers at the Rossing Uranium Mine in SWA/Namibia, various measurements of lung function of 1,407 workers were carried ...

  • Giant lower oesophageal ulcer in a Bushman baby: A case report 

    Heydenrych J.J.; Keet A.D. (1983)
    The case of a giant, penetrating lower oesophageal ulcer in a 14-month-old Bushman baby is reported. This would probably be classified as a Barrett's ulcer. Histological examination showed that the ulcer developed in ...

  • Incidence and frequency rates of childhood cancer in Namibia 

    Wessels, G.; Hesseling, P. B. (1997)
    Objective. To estimate the extent of paediatric malignancy in an African country and to compare these findings with paediatric cancer rates in other countries. Design. A retrospective descriptive study which calculated ...

  • Nephrotic syndrome in Namibian children 

    Van Buuren, A. J.; Bates, W. D.; Muller, N. (1999)
    Background and objectives. Patterns of nephrotic syndrome vary between regions and countries, and influence approaches to management. In the mid-1970s the University of Stellenbosch became involved in providing tertiary ...