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  • Modified neurosyphilis in the Cape Peninsula 

    Joyce-Clarke N.; Molteno A.C.B. (1978)
    A prospective study of 148 cases of neurosyphilis revealed that 85 patients exhibited a modified 'forme fruste' of the disease. A high proportion of these patients had evidence of activity in the cerebrospinal fluid, while ...

  • Toxicological screening for drugs of abuse in samples adulterated with household chemicals 

    Uebel, R. A.; Wium, C. A.; Uebel, R. A.; Wium, C. A. (2002)
    Objectives. Urine samples that tested positive for two drugs of abuse, namely cannabis and methaqualone, were reassayed in the presence or absence of common household chemicals: Jik (sodium hypochlorite), Dettol (chloroxylenol), ...