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  • Complications in 8,509 laparoscopic Falope ring sterilizations performed under local anaesthesia 

    Pattinson R.C.; Louw N.S.; Engelbrecht B.; Nieuwoudt A.J. (1983)
    During the 3-year period 1 January 1980 - 31 December 1982, 8,509 laparoscopic Falope ring sterilizations were performed under local anaesthesia in rural areas of the Cape Province by the Sterilization Service of Tygerberg ...

  • Re-implantation of the Fallopian tubes 

    Louw N.S. (1980)
    Surgical re-implantation of the Fallopian tubes into the uterine cavity has almost become redundant in view of the improved technique of microsurgical tuboplasty. A series of 10 cases are reported in which the conventional ...