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  • Vitamin A toxicity 

    Straughan J.L. (1976)
    [No abstract available]

  • The influence of umbilical cord entanglement on fetal heart rate (Afrikaans) 

    Odendaal H.J. (1976)
    Umbilical cord entanglement was found in 34% of 555 women in labour. One loop of the cord around the neck of the fetus was seen in 29% of the women and 2 or more loops in 5%. Cardiotocograms of these patients were examined ...

  • The frequency of uterine contractions in abruptio placentae 

    Odendaal H.J. (1976)
    The frequency of uterine contractions was studied in 37 patients with severe abruptio placentae. They ranged from 3 to 16 per 10 minutes, with a mean of 7,86. When frequency of contraction was correlated with haematological ...

  • Rational management of uveitis 

    Ancker, E.; Molteno, A.C.B.; Straughan, J.L.; Ancker, E.; Molteno, A.C.B.; Straughan, J.L. (1976)
    Endogenous uveitis is an important cause of blindness in young adults. The need for a comprehensive search for an aetiological 'antigen' is stressed. A source of adjuvant, disturbance in host immunology and any associated ...

  • Radiology in trauma cases: an obligatory investigation (Afrikaans) 

    Muller C.J.B. (1976)
    The radiology of trauma is of increasing importance in South Africa, where the treatment of victims of motor accidents forms a major part of emergency medical practice. All practitioners should be aware of the medical and ...

  • Long tube implants in the management of glaucoma 

    Molteno, A.C.B.; Straughan, J.L.; Ancker, E.; Molteno, A.C.B.; Straughan, J.L.; Ancker, E. (1976)
    The design, surgical insertion and results of a plastic draining implant for severe glaucoma are reported. The need for pharmacological control of bleb inflammation is stressed and the favourable long term outlook for ...

  • Intravenous fluid therapy during prolonged surgery 

    Foster P.A. (1976)
    [No abstract available]

  • Hereditary dysrhythmic congestive cardiomyopathy 

    Brink A.J.; Torrington M.; Van Der Walt J.J. (1976)
    A patient with hereditary congestive cardiomyopathy, who presented with recurrent episodes of life threatening ventricular arrhythmias most often precipitated by exercise, is described. The condition is marked by either a ...

  • False interpretation of fetal heart rate monitoring in cases of intra uterine death 

    Odendaal H.J. (1976)
    Spiral scalp electrodes were applied in 30 cases of diagnosed intra uterine death during labour to establish different patterns caused by maternal fetal conduction of the ECG. In 10 cases the signal was of high quality and ...

  • Efficacy of cryotherapy in retinoblastoma 

    Molteno A.C.B. (1976)
    Five cases of retinoblastoma treated by freezing are reported. From these cases it appears that a single freeze thaw cycle will destroy all tumor and that with suitable instruments it is possible to destroy tumors involving ...

  • Effect of alcohol on plasma growth hormone response to insulin induced hypoglycaemia 

    Priem H.A.; Shanley B.C.; Malan C. (1976)
    [No abstract available]

  • An analysis of rugby injuries (Afrikaans) 

    Van Heerden J.J. (1976)
    [No abstract available]

  • Ageing in a plural society 

    Cilliers S.P. (1976)
    The differential position and involvement of the aged in each population group in the Republic of South Africa are illustrated on the basis of an analysis of the age structure of the population, sex ratios, life expectancy, ...