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    • The impact of Social Networking 2.0 on organisations 

      Van Zyl, Anria S. (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2009-11)
      The purpose of this paper is to increase the understanding of what electronic social networking encompasses. The article also aims to educate IT, business decision-makers and knowledge workers about the various applications ...

    • The importance of stakeholder engagement in managing corporate reputations 

      Van Zyl, Anria S. (Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., 2013-01)
      It is becoming increasingly evident that corporations need to communicate clearly with their larger stakeholder communities’ regarding the risks faced by the corporation along with their strategies to mitigate these ...

    • Keeping sane in Dilbert's world 

      Van Zyl, Anria S. (Accountancy SA, 2010-02)
      Popular media article on more efficient information management and computer mediated communication using Social Networking 2.0 tools.

    • Social networking revisited 

      Van Zyl, Anria S. (Accountancy SA, 2010-02)
      Popular media article on the definition and criteria of Social Networking 2.0. Advantages of SN2.0 are also discussed.

    • Sustainability and integrated reporting in the South African corporate sector 

      Van Zyl, Anria S. (The Clute Institute, 2013-08)
      This article aims to determine if the adoption of Integrated Reporting by large private sector companies in South Africa has led to an improvement in the quality of sustainability-related information disclosed. This was ...

    • Taking the bark out of Whuffie 

      Van Zyl, Anria S. (Accountancy SA, 2010-03)
      A popular media article on how employees can be used to protect the digital reputation of an organisation through the creation of online communities.